Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Cactus Only Know How To Be Cactus

A cactus only knows how to be a cactus.  If you are poked by a cactus plant, it’s not the cactus’s fault, it’s doing what a cactus does.  Without the cactus, you would be missing a portion of the texture of life.  You wouldn’t know pokey/scratchy (and a special pain that a cholla cactus can bring) and therefore life would be just a bit duller.  Also, without the cactus, the pleasure of soft, supple, smooth rose petals would have just a bit less punch.  

If you are poked by a cactus, you don’t get mad at it, its just being a cactus.  If you are poked, you aren’t mean or shout obscenities at the cactus (or worse).  The cactus only knows how to be a cactus.  Now I don’t recommend that you hug a cactus, but just appreciate it for what it is.  It’s beautiful in it’s own way and it adds to the total texture of life.  

Now substitute people for cactus.  I’ve known people that were a real a cactus, but they don’t know how to be anything more than who they are but I’m glad to have experienced them.

- Chris Claborne

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