Monday, October 11, 2010

YouTUBE adding to the THROB

Although I said I wouldn’t write about technology and save it for my Cyberthoughts, blog, I do have to comment on the role that YouTUBE brings to the planet and our society. It reinforces my wonder of the complete diversity and what’s beautiful about humanity. This technolog is second to the Internet in how it has affected so many people by allowing shared experience. It is the world-wide-TV. I’m thinking about things like Susan Boyle, and Jackie Evancho as well as the shared experiences of people all over the planet. YouTUBE allows us to have a shared experience of the throb of life.

The sound of Ottmar Liebert is as Timeless as 501 Jeans

Every Friday and sometimes Saturday, I fire up the grill and listen to Pandora radio on my iPhone connected to my little Logitech boombox. When it’s time to sit down for dinner to eat, drink and enjoy my friends I point Pandora to my Ottmar Liebert station that was given to me by a friend. It hit me one evening that somehow, someway, the style of Ottmar Liebert’s music (and others like him) is as timeless as 501 Jeans. Corny maybe, but when sitting outside having dinner and consuming mass quantities of wine, it adds to the throb of life.