Saturday, December 21, 2019

Why We Remember Moments When Things Don't Go As Planned

I’m going to take a shot at my theory as to why we remember things from our day or a trip that don’t go to our plan.  The things we remember from a hike or trip are the things that were unexpected or didn’t go to plan. When my daughter was leaving for Spain on a school trip, I sat her down and dolled out some of my  crack philosophy (some would call it crack pot philosophy).  I told her that things never go as planned and that’s OK,  those are the moments that you remember.  When your luggage doesn’t arrive or the rain cancels an outing and you do something else, those are the moments you remember.  Don’t get mad, overly upset and bummed out, experience those times and possibly have fun with it.  Be present, you can’t change the situation.  Everything will work out.  Little did I know I would be getting a call from her two hours later that was one of those moments.