Sunday, September 23, 2018

On Setting Goals

“Set for yourself goals, high and noble goals,” a young Nietzsche instructs, “and perish in pursuit of them.” If you arrive at a final destination, it’s a sign that you’ve set your sights too low, that your goal isn’t high or noble enough.

- Nietzsche
Clipped from the article "Nietzsche Made Me Do It", by John Kaag


Change is the spice of life.  Without it, life would be tasteless.

-- Christian Claborne
(aka chris claborne)

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Spain, July 2018

What follows is a Captain’s BLOG on my trip to Spain.  Although not many people will read it, It’ll give me something to look back on.

Note:  I’ll highlight some of the key places and phrases, like food that will take you to pictures that are just on that topic.  It will save you from going through all the photos in the album.  If you want to see them all at once, go HERE.
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Mari Lú went to Spain as part of the semi-exchange program through the high school.  We’ve hosted several Spanish students from Bilbao Spain over the years and Mari Lú has formed close relationships with them.  She speaks regularly with Paula via video skype.  Mari Lú wanted to extend her trip so that she could stay with Paula and Jeanette was traveling over there to walk the camino.  That would give the two of them a month in Spain, not a bad vacation.  Because of the way schedules worked out, Mari Lú would have to come back by herself.  It’s not something that I thought Mari Lú was ready for.  Although she has done some air travel, she doesn’t have the experience.  I’ve traveled to Madrid and to other locations south, like Toledo and Segovia and then via overnight rail to Granada for an overnight there and into Portugal.  The one place I’ve always wanted to visit was Barcelona before I checked Spain off the priority list mainly because of the pull of the Catalonian culture and fantastic architecture that the city is known for.  I’m into architecture and Gothic treatments are one of my favorite.  Jeanette arranged my travel so that I would fly into Barcelona, have a few days to explore the sites there, then join Mari Lú in Bilbao.  This would give me the opportunity to meet some of the families of the kids that stayed with us and a week in country to do some sight seeing and then fly back with Mari Lú.