Sunday, December 11, 2022

Prime Directive

When you feel overwhelmed, bummed, or just fine, repeat the “Prime Directives” below (yes I’m a Trekkie).  Say the first three out loud.  I’ll start with these three and add a couple more as I contemplate us.

  1. Everything is going to be OK
    A lot of times, life can seem overwhelming, or your problems insurmountable.  But think back in your life how many times life felt like that and a week later you don’t even remember the situation. 

  2. Never stop flying the plane
    This saying comes from my time as a pilot, when my flight instructor told me to never, ever, stop flying the plane.  This gets a lot of pilots killed during an emergency, they stop flying, stall the wing, or run into something.  My instructor told me “If you are heading for the runway and the aircraft is damaged and on fire, they better find your nose wheel on the centerline."  It applies to your life though.  Your life is the plane, and you are the captain.  You may want to crawl into bed and not get up, but YOU HAVE TO KEEP FLYING THE PLANE.  You may want to crawl into a whiskey bottle, do drugs, etc, but YOU HAVE TO KEEP FLYING THE PLANE.

  3. People love you
    You need to know this.  We all need to know this.  There are people out there who love you, no matter what your situation is.  No strings attached.

If things don’t feel the greatest, just trying to get rid of that feeling isn’t the way.  Imagine if I, the author, could wave a wand and make sure you don’t have any difficult time,  or experience bad feelings.  I would be cheating you out of a fully lived life.  Sure things suck, you might be in pain, but don’t try to escape.  Escaping is just going to cheat yourself out of the full experience of life.  Like the good stuff, you need to experience the bad stuff.  And, the bad stuff makes the good stuff even better.  Besides, if you escape, you aren’t flying the plane.

Chris Claborne
Aka christian claborne

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